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Stephen Murray from Swords Orthodontics is interviewed for Dentaltown by Howard Farran

Stephen was interviewed for Dentaltown last week - this is a big deal for Stephen and Swords Orthodontics. Dentaltown is the biggest dentistry-related podcast and blogcast station in the world and they run their own newspapers for dentists and award ceremonies for the industry and the like. There haven't been many Irish dentists on the station (Richard Lee Kin from Mint Clinic has been on) so it was a big honour even to be asked.

Howard and I bump into each other on Twitter now and again, and he invited me a couple of years ago, but I finally got around to it!

I was a bit concerned that it would go badly, as I hadn't done anything like this before and I didn't know what Howard wanted to talk about or what would happen, but in the end - it wasn't too bad. It's mainly for a dental audience, but it's on YouTube, so anyone can watch it. We talked about Irish Elections (2020), Brexit, Conor McGregor, Stewart Copeland and The Police, braces, Invisalign and many things in between.


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As part of Phase One of the National Reopening, Swords Orthodontics resumed routine orthodontic treatment in May 2020.
There are a few differences in how we do this specifically to deal with coronavirus, but you'll still get great orthodontic treatment.
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