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My Broken Rib: Day 5

Again, I had a good night's sleep. The main discomfort is from changing posture and twisting movements.

I decided to commit to cancelling my holiday.

I found the process was more complicated than I expected, but in fairness, Aer Lingus do try to give you a variety of options before completely cancelling (as my fare was not refundable).

Also, there was job I couldn't postpone further- I had to pick up my laundry and was dreading humping heavy bags in to the car. Bogdan was still in the practice on Friday afternoon and he decently offered to give me a lift down and helped me with the bags, but surprisingly, I found that ...

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5 In A Row - Is It Possible?

Swords Orthodontics has a few connections to Gaelic Football - we support Fingallians and Clann Mhuire, and make plenty of mouthguards for our patients (Stephen Murray thinks that the GAA policy on mouthguard wear was one of the great national dental health measures in history). But specialist orthodontist Donnchadh O Morain is our man in the arena, out every week training and playing and here's his analysis of what's coming up.

This weekend marked the return of the Allianz Football League with Dublin hoping to continue with their winning run and retain the New Ireland ...

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New Year, new me....

Swords Orthodontics goes to Run A Muck

The fitness industry seems to keep growing and growing. More and more people seem to want to ‘get into shape’ – especially in January after the Christmas period. Personal trainers are all over your feeds on Facebook, Instagram and gym gear is everywhere in site! Every individual person has their own way of doing this, be it going to the gym with a friend, paying for a PT or cleaning up your diet and exercising a bit more. I am no personal trainer nor do I work in the fitness industry but here are a few quick tips I would do that might help with your fitness journey;


  • Prepare your meals

Preparation ...

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