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My Broken Rib: Day 5

Again, I had a good night's sleep. The main discomfort is from changing posture and twisting movements.

I decided to commit to cancelling my holiday.

I found the process was more complicated than I expected, but in fairness, Aer Lingus do try to give you a variety of options before completely cancelling (as my fare was not refundable).

Also, there was job I couldn't postpone further- I had to pick up my laundry and was dreading humping heavy bags in to the car. Bogdan was still in the practice on Friday afternoon and he decently offered to give me a lift down and helped me with the bags, but surprisingly, I found that ...

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Reasons why you should take time off for holidays

Holidays can be at any time of the year - not necessarily just during the summer. We are all guilty of letting 'life' take over our time. Many people are juggling different day to day activities be it work, college, having a family, meeting up with friends and things can all get very busy!

There are many reasons why we need to take time away from work to unwind and relax - and here they are!

You will be healthier

By not giving yourself some "me" time you are not giving your body physically and mentally time to unwind and relax, you'll be putting yourself under more pressure and more at a risk ...

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