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Faye's Invisalign Diary Part 2 - getting started

Here's a video of our patient Faye Rooney at Swords Orthodontics, discussing her orthodontic problems from her own point of view, and why she wanted treatment with clear braces or Invisalign, and her experiences so far as her ortho treatment begins with us. Since she works as a model, conventional metal braces or coloured braces wouldn't be a practical option.




Faye also explains what it's like to wear an Invisalign aligner and how she notices no difference speaking with it in.

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As part of Phase One of the National Reopening, Swords Orthodontics resumed routine orthodontic treatment in May 2020.
There are a few differences in how we do this specifically to deal with coronavirus, but you'll still get great orthodontic treatment.
Please don't attend without an appointment - just give us a call and we'll organise things.
New patients are welcome, there's never been a better time to sort out that smile