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My Broken Rib: Day 7

I’m still not sleeping on my side, but that’s not a huge problem. Another good night of sleep, and not too much problem getting out of bed.

I have been able to sneeze for the first time! Up to now, the process of sneezing seems to have inflated the lungs to a point where it becomes quite painful and when I expected it to become more painful until the sneeze happens, the urge to sneeze suddenly goes away. Today, my body went ahead and sneezed.

Still hurt amazingly nonetheless

Today was my last dose of Solpadeine at lunchtime. There are another 3 tablets of Vimovo to run – time will tell what it ...

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My Broken Rib: Day 4

Much more painful than any of the preceding days. I might put some of this down to not taking my night time medication the previous night. I felt like a high altitude climber with low oxygen taking ages just to put my socks on. – and that was excruciating to do. By the time I was fully dressed I was really in pain and surprised about it.

Things hadn’t calmed down much after breakfast, but eventually settled as the day went on. This was my first attempt at driving since the fracture. Driving itself wasn’t a problem, but getting into and out of the car involved enough torso-twisting to make it ...

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My Broken Rib: Day 3

I woke from a good night’s sleep. It’s quite sore to stand up though. I had a shower with some apprehension but without incident. I will experiment with bathroom-appropriate footwear over the coming days, but it would appear that Darth Vader slippers don’t offer any more traction than my own skin.

Dressing with a broken rib

This was my first day where I revised my usual approach to dressing- instead of pulling things over my head, I chose shirts and cardigans and fleece jackets that can be buttoned and zipped. Ideal technique for me was to use the arm on the good side to pull the sleeve up the arm on the ...

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My Broken Rib: Day 1

So this was the day I broke a rib. Worse still, it was one of mine.

Needless to say, the blogs and the website aren’t meant to be an alternative to a proper orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan and certainly they’re not meant to diagnose an orthodontic problem so definitely I’m in no position to be advising anyone about broken ribs. If you have a broken rib, go and see a doctor. Ideally one that knows about broken ribs and has a stethoscope and an X-ray machine. And a prescription pad.


I gave an interview to Orthodontic Practice magazine in the UK last year and they asked me about my plans and ...

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