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My Broken Rib: Day 4

Much more painful than any of the preceding days. I might put some of this down to not taking my night time medication the previous night. I felt like a high altitude climber with low oxygen taking ages just to put my socks on. – and that was excruciating to do. By the time I was fully dressed I was really in pain and surprised about it.

Things hadn’t calmed down much after breakfast, but eventually settled as the day went on. This was my first attempt at driving since the fracture. Driving itself wasn’t a problem, but getting into and out of the car involved enough torso-twisting to make it ...

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The National Oral Health Policy and the Irish Dental Association

The Department of Health released its new National Oral Health Policy a few weeks ago. Smileagusslainte is the hashtag they're using. There was an announcement, a public appearance from the Minister of Health, Simon Harris, some tweeting and then everyone went back to whatever they were doing beforehand. I made a few comments directed at the Department of Health and none of them were answered. If you go through the coverage on twitter, the social media often used for news and reportage there is very little obvious threading on it.

I know it's not a hot topic, but it does or it will actually involve practically all of the population in ...

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