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Probably not Ireland's Favourite Christmas Songs, just mine

After revealing the results of Ireland's Favourite Christmas Song using the statistically unreliable sample of Swords Orthodontics patients and parents, I thought I'd follow up with my own Christmas favourites. It may be the least viewed blog post on the Swords Ortho website this year, but quite a few people did ask me for my choice, so I thought I'd list them. 

a Christmas selection
And these are a few of my favourite things....
a selection of my favourite Christmas records.

No Fairytales....


  1. Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses)
  2. Step Into Christmas (Elton John)
  3. Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (WIzzard)
  4. I Believe in Father Christmas (Greg Lake)
  5. Gaudete (Steeleye Span)
  6. In Dulce Jubilo (Mike Oldfield)
  7. Driving Home for Christmas (Chris Rea)
  8. Run With The Fox (Chris Squire)
  9. December Will Be Magic Again (Kate Bush)
  10. River ( Joni Mitchell)
Christmas Playlist
This playlist plays but once a year....

And a special mention to a Christmas song that doesn't get played much until slightly after Christmas and it's a favourite of one of my best friends:

  1. Same Auld Lang Syne (Dan Fogelberg)

I guess we all have a tune or two that connects with us and for different reasons. A lot of mine are to do with the drive back from the North East of England when I was studying orthodontics as a post graduate and I had two cassettes of Christmas music that I played on the way back to the ferry back to Belfast or Larne and the smiles it would bring to my face as each song came on for the first time in a year since the previous Christmas.

What's your favourite Christmas song and why?

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