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17 Main St, Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland

What about six month orthodontic treatments?

Just like you do, we want to finish your treatment for you as soon as we can.

We love doing orthodontics here at Swords Orthodontics, and we don’t want to do orthodontics that isn’t the best we can do for you.

Orthodontics usually makes a visibly significant improvement in the early stages of treatment, but then a lot of work goes into making the teeth fit together better.

The idea of six month treatments is that this would be enough time to get teeth straight enough to keep most patients happy when they look in a mirror, but they don’t always see all the other stuff that should still be done.

We’re interested in keeping patients happy with great smiles, but we’re also interested in getting the best results for our patients, and that may well involve tooth movements that the patient doesn’t see and that make the treatment go on longer.

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