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Is my child too young to visit an orthodontist?

Probably not – the American Association of Orthodontists would advise that every child should have an orthodontic exam by the time they are seven years old or earlier if an orthodontic problem is apparent.

Certain problems are better corrected early. Dr Murray would rather tell someone “I don’t need to see you for another year” than say “I wish I had seen you a year ago; we could have sorted this out easily”.

Given a choice, we think that’s what you’d rather hear.

For instance….

  • Early intervention is particularly handy for reducing problems with crowding, and that might prevent having to have adult teeth taken out later on.
  • It’s also useful for dealing with teeth growing in the wrong position, and that might prevent having to have an operation to uncover buried teeth later on.
  • Some abnormal bites are more easily treated when started in younger patients too, and that might make treatment shorter, easier, or both later on.