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Tips for brushing your Toddler's teeth

Looking after toddlers teeth

We all know how important is it to look after your teeth, but when it comes to toddlers it can be quite a difficult task. Here are some tips to help you and your toddler keep their little teeth clean and cavity free:


  • Buy them a toothbrush with one of their favourite character ( Minnie, mickey mouse, minons) or even something bright that will catch their eye
  • Books or Tv shows that show characters brushing their teeth is always a big hit with my toddler. She loves to copy them and it really helps
  • Get your toddler to practice brushing teeth on their dolly or favourite toy
  • When your toddler is going to brush their teeth try brushing your teeth with them too. It can be something fun for Mammy/Daddy to do with your toddler. Make it fun! J
  • Limit sugary juices and foods. Juices are usually the main cause of cavities in toddler teeth. Keep juices for special occasions if possible.
  • Make sure to praise your toddler when brushing their teeth, give them a compliment and they will be sure to keep up the good work.
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