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My Broken Rib: Day 8

One week after the event.

I’d still know something was wrong with my rib cage, but it’s much better.

Several sneezes today, but it’s great to be alive.

I can tell you that thing about pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth to stop a sneeze doesn’t work for me.


Might have a little aside here about a famous rib fracture....

I was one of  "Dentists Who Tweet" at one stage – I’ve had to ease off twitter because I enjoy it too much, but while recuperating from the rib, I’d been noodling on it more than usual and was reminded of a recent anniversary of a famous rib fracture. One of the ...

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My Broken Rib: Day 7

I’m still not sleeping on my side, but that’s not a huge problem. Another good night of sleep, and not too much problem getting out of bed.

I have been able to sneeze for the first time! Up to now, the process of sneezing seems to have inflated the lungs to a point where it becomes quite painful and when I expected it to become more painful until the sneeze happens, the urge to sneeze suddenly goes away. Today, my body went ahead and sneezed.

Still hurt amazingly nonetheless

Today was my last dose of Solpadeine at lunchtime. There are another 3 tablets of Vimovo to run – time will tell what it ...

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