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A Dozen Dos and Don'ts - 12 Tips for successful orthodontic retainer wear

12 Do's and Don'ts for successful retainer wear
Here are 12 Tips for Orthodontic Retainer Success (plus a bonus tip, so it's  not just bakers that have 13 in a dozen) 1 DO wear your retainers as your orthodontist directs. The rest of what follows is what we tell our own patients. At Swords Orthodontics, for most removable retainers, I advise full time wear for the first 3 days and then it’s night time wear after that. For Ever. Really. If you still want straight teeth in 10 years’ time, you’re still wearing a retainer in 10 years’ time. 2 DON’T have your retainer anywhere other than one of these two places: Your Mouth Your Retainer Box Anywhere else and it’s likely to get lost, broken, damaged, stolen, eaten...

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