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Children's Orthodontics in Ireland

I have written several blogs on topics related to children's orthodontics in Ireland, because it is a regular source of interest to my blog readers. Orthodontic treatment for children in Ireland is also a frequent topic in the newspapers because it has strong political significance. Children's orthodontics is important, it's not something that's done casually. It's not just a significant investment in financial terms but also in commitment from the child and the parents to see a thoroughly planned treatment carried out to a great result at the end.

There aren't that many qualified orthodontists in Ireland, and about half of them work for the government, exclusively treating children on behalf of the HSE. That means that some children get their orthodontics provided by the Irish government, without charging them or their parents and some children do not. And where the dividing line is drawn can cause frustration and uncertainty and concern to many families.

Even the children that are eligible for HSE treatment may not get it in a time that is clinically practical, given that some waiting lists for treatment are years long.

Since this is a complicated area, I have gathered all the useful info I could get and produced an eBook entitled "Children's Orthodontics in Ireland" which can be downloaded free from another page on this website by clicking here. I hope it is of interest to anyone reading this, and if there are any particular questions you'd like answered on the topic, please leave a message on the site and I'll include it in a future edition.

Dr Murray's eBook Children's Orthodontics in Ireland is available free from this link



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