Swords Orthodontics
17 Main St, Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland

How much are your fees?

There is no charge for your first visit – it’s free. Dr Murray is happy to have a look at your teeth and discuss how you feel about your smile and how you’d like it to be, all at no cost to you. And we’ll schedule you your own individual appointment for this, not just squeeze you into the diary somewhere! You'll also be talking to a treatment co-ordinator who will discuss what your treatment is likely to involve in more detail and also talk about scheduling and fees and payment plans.

At that visit you and Dr. Murray can get an idea what would be involved in your treatment and give you a more exact idea of the finance details and discuss your payment options. 

Invisalign, Incognito (braces on the back of the teeth), and tooth-coloured (clear) braces would have an additional fee, but we would need to examine you to determine if these treatments were suitable.

We do provide other orthodontic services - from replacement retainers and making mouthguards to accepting a transfer from another orthodontist while you are in the middle of treatment. There is a wide variety in what can be involved there, so we couldn't quote a fee until we'd actually established what's required - but feel free to get in touch.

Similarly, our Oral Surgeon, Marie O'Neill will have a wide range of services and the fees will vary depending on what's required - sometimes that will take a simple phone call to establish, sometimes a complete examination.