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Conversations: Week 12, March 2019

Stephen Murray has never tickled a sleeping dragon

Michelle: Now, that’s your braces all off. Does it feel different?

Patient: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. It feels so weird. That’s so weird, that’s so weird. Oh my God.

Michelle: I’ll show you your teeth now, here’s a mirror.

Patient: Oh my God, they’re so straight. They’re straight, they’re amazing, that’s amazing. Ah. May. Zing. Oh my God, thank you , thank you, that’s amazing. Thank you. Do you have a picture of what they used to look like at the start?

Michelle: Yes, here’s a picture of what your teeth looked like at the beginning.

Patient: Oh my God, I can’t believe they were so bad. Are those my teeth?

Michelle: Yes, that’s you at the start.

Patient: Are those really my teeth?

Michelle: Yes, that was your teeth at the start.

Patient: Really my teeth?

Michelle: Yes really your teeth.

Patient: Oh my God you are wizards. Wizards the lot of you. Thank you so much. Wizards, wizards, I’m telling you. You’re wizards. Thank you so much.

Michelle: You’re welcome

Stephen: You’re welcome, thanks.

Patient: You’re all wizards, thanks, thanks. Wizards.

Stephen: I’ll wear my Hogwarts’ scarf in tomorrow.

Patient: You better have gone to Hufflepuff.


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