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HSE Waiting List Update December 2018

From time to time I talk about Orthodontics waiting lists in the HSE. This was just put online at the very useful website kildarestreet.com, which reports questions and answers from Dáil Éireann. Recently the TD Charlie McConalogue asked about the orthodontic waiting list in Letterkenny Hospital in Donegal.

The current Minister for Health, Simon Harris, gave an answer which is very difficult to understand. I have cut and pasted directly from the website so that I don't misquote it, though to be honest, I don't know if I could make it any less easy to comprehend.

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Doing It Yourself: Part 3

For whom the road tolls....

Could be the start of a great career - Glenn Hughes worked as a toll booth operator until he was recruited for Village People
(he was the biker)
Photo by Tbel Abuseridze on Unsplash

This series of blog posts started with a reflection on Ryanair’s model of providing cheaper air travel to people who were prepared to carry their own luggage on and off their planes.

This afternoon, I drove past Ryanair HQ on a trip from Swords Orthodontics in North Dublin to Galway. On the way, I went through 3 tolls - M50, M4 and M6. The M50 motorway toll ...

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Doing It Yourself: Part 2

Please scan your item....

Unexpected item in the bagging area.
How many bags did you use? Have you scanned all your items?
Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

Well, last weekend I bought some groceries at a shop where they have a self-service check-out. I collect the groceries from the shelves, carry the groceries to the terminal, scan them, press the button for assistance with unidentified item in the bagging area, pack them and load them into the car and bring them home.

At the other end of the scale, I could have ordered the stuff online. If I did that, the company would have sent someone ...

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Dentist, Dentist....Please!

Lessons from a Michael Schenker concert - nothing to do with teeth (but then again....)

Probably the most famous V guitar in rock,
the Dean Guitars variation on his Harlequin Gibson Flying V

I can't adequately explain how talented this man is. His music has sustained me through O Levels, A Levels, Dentistry and Orthodontics degrees. I saw him first in Ulster Hall in 1986 and most recently last week. It was glorious.

His career is nearly half a century long at this stage, and he's certainly one of the most melodic heavy rock guitarists ever. In another world, Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett would ...

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Doing It Yourself: Part 1

I fly a lot on Ryanair.

Fasten your safety belts. Not a Ryanair flight - but I wonder which airline it is, and do you pay extra to watch programmes and movies on your screen?
Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Contrary to many people who phone into radio shows, I haven’t had any major problems with Ryanair. In a way I’m supporting local business, as Ryanair HQ is only a few hundred yards away from Swords Orthodontics – that’s not the fundamental reason I fly with them, it just works out this way.

For foreign readers of this blog, very foreign it would have to be for ...

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Happy Birthday, Joni Mitchell - and many happy returns.

Both Sides, Then. And Now.

Everyone loves Joni MItchell
Everyone loves Joni Mitchell. At least, everyone in Whelan's last Wednesday.
An exceptional musical event curated by Dave McGuinness of Lir

Last week I was at a couple of Joni Mitchell tribute shows in honour of her 75th birthday. When Total Guitar magazine listed the 300 greatest guitarists (by genre) she beat Bob Dylan, and that I wouldn’t disagree with. I’d been a fan for years, but sadly I’ll never see her in concert. A few years ago I went to Sligo to see Leonard Cohen (and try and figure out why there is the fuss about ...

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All good things come to an end, but first they come from a beginning

Last week I blogged about a U2 concert

More thoughts from last week's U2 concert - apparently it all started in Larry's kitchen.
Fortunately Edge and Bono found their respective vocations at an early stage.


I have seen them in stadiums like Croke Park, Wembley, Twickenham and even the RDS.

The couple of times I saw them indoors were particularly special. But at some stage their concerts were all indoors.

During their recent Belfast show, their singer Bono talked about their first time playing in Belfast – it was in the university student bar, and they were the support act to Squeeze.


The first time I ...

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