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This ain't rock and roll, this is orthodontic retention....!

Guitar player Gerry Leonard from Clontarf rocks at the Dublin Bowie Festival


Dublin is in the grip of the 2019 David Bowie Festival. Probably Ireland’s biggest annual event coordinated around the cultural effect of one person. Lectures, books, movies, science, photography, cabaret, improvisational comedy, even a children’s art competition, and obviously music, music, music.

Gerry Leonard
"Can Gerry Rock?" was the essential question when Clontarf guitarist Gerry Leonard was asked to join David Bowie's touring band.


I was never a huge David Bowie fan, but he’s always been there. I’m old enough to remember him in the charts – “Boys Keep Swinging” being the first time. Not understanding the possible connotations of this title, I made up ...

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Dental Photography Bootcamp Is Back!


Sir, yes, sir, it’s back,sir.

Blood, sweat and tears and better dental photographs.*

Dental Photography Bootcamp 2019

The small group practical workshop to get anyone started with the basics of Dental Photography.

dental photography bootcamp Ireland is back for Spring 2019
Stephen Murray of Swords Orthodontics is recruiting for a new intake at
Dental Photography Bootcamp in April 2019

Why learn:

You think that you need to take more photographs clinically but don’t know where to start, or you’re afraid you’ll get the wrong stuff, or it’ll cost too much


You’re already taking pictures, but you’re not happy with the quality of them


You want to delegate ...

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The greatest rapper of all time* died on March 9th....

….but the greatest rocker of all time died on January 4th.

Most people who know me, know I am a big fan of Thin Lizzy and their leader, Philip Lynott. They were probably the first Irish rock band to make a big impact internationally, performing and recording from around 1970 to 1983. Over that time they made a dozen studio albums, a couple of live albums and Lynott made a few solo albums that were very different to the music he made with Thin Lizzy. By modern standards, that is a tremendous output, even more so when you consider the intensity of their touring at the time, but what is remarkable ...

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Conversations: First week back, January 2019

"Happy New Year!"
"And the same to yourself!"

"I see we haven't seen you since March last year, that's 10 months since you last orthodontic appointment"
"I know, I've been busy."
"You know, you're meant to see us more often than that - if we don't see you regularly the treatment doesn't go as fast as it should."
"I know, I should have seen you earlier."

"Any problems with the braces?"
"Yeah, one of the brackets broke off, so I had to take some of the brace off and put it back on myself."
"You know, you shouldn't really try to do adjustments on the brace yourself."
"I know, it ...

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The Swords Orthodontics Highlights of 2018

There might be a review of the year from my team, but for me these were the practice highlights of 2018 - the professional ones anyway. There were many personal highlights for the team, but they can tell you about them since .......well, they're personal.

A great year for the team at Swords Orthodontics
The team at Swords Orthodontics work so hard,
it was great to look back at the year and see what we'd achieved together.



Swords Orthodontics supports Swords Rugby
Stephen Murray from Swords Orthodontics
was just one visitor to Swords Rugby Club
on the night ...

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Home movies, smiles.... and trees.

I’d seriously be of the opinion that Christmas is all about family and friends and the people that mean the most to us.

Kids on a hill in a home movie
The stuff of home movies for generations


So for me, that means my family converging for a few days in one place. This year we found a DVD that had been made from the cine camera footage that my family had taken in the pre-video age, put it in the player and watched those scenes again. All silent images, but shouting across the decades.

It covered various holidays and special times for my family from ...

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