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Why do I have gaps between my teeth? 10 reasons why!

Space between teeth in treatment isn't unusual, but why would there be spaces between teeth to begin with?

At Swords Orthodontics, this is a question we get asked a lot, but after an enquiry from a Balgriggan orthodontic patient, I figured I'd put a blog post up about common reasons why you might have gaps between the teeth. In an ideal situation, there usually aren’t any spaces between teeth in the same jaw. That said, not everybody’s teeth are ideal - that's why you might want to see an orthodontist - and there are loads of reasons where you can get spaces between teeth, and ...

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Speaking of twin blocks....and speaking with twin blocks.

I had a Donabate patient at Swords Orthodontics the other day who asked me about the best way to get used to speaking while wearing twin blocks. I figured I'd do a blog post on it, because that's a great question.

It's a great question, because it’s right at the centre of twin block treatment. When we make twin blocks for a patient, they immediately change the position of the teeth and jaws and stretch the muscles of the mouth and lips. You can imagine if you’ve been used to all these things being a certain way for the last 10 years or more, even if that wasn’t an ideal way for these ...

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Twin Blocks - tribulations and triumphs

Most days at Swords Orthodontics, I find myself helping my patients by using “twin blocks”, probably the world’s most famous functional brace – that’s a brace that uses the muscles of the jaw to provide the force to move the teeth, and alter the way the muscles exert an influence over the teeth, and maybe even influence the growth of the bone beneath them.

Recently, on a single day, I had 3 patients (from various towns across Co Dublin) who had broken their twin blocks, to some extent due to bad luck, to some extent due to general neglect. This would normally be cause for some unhappiness and despair, but to be honest ...

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Why do dogs eat orthodontic retainers?


The brand new retainer on the right can be turned into the chewed up retainer on the left in about 2 seconds flat

- just add friendly dog.


Last week at Swords Orthodontics we had a patient in from Rush who had lost a retainer due to “dog intervention”. Perhaps it should read "Ruff" instead of Rush, but anyway, I guess we see this happen every few months.To make matters a bit worse, it had happened 3 weeks ago, and he hadn’t told us at the time, and by the time he ...

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It's hip to be square, it's even hipper to be foursquare

Hi everyone

Swords Orthodontics has embarked on another entry into the world of social media - we have now set up a location on foursquare.com

If you're set up for foursquare, you can check us out on:



If you're a patient and have a foursquare account, be sure to check in with the site and leave a tip or two for any other visitors!

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Let The Blogging Begin!

Dr Murray hard at work with the new blog!


Welcome to the Swords Orthodontics Blog!

Stephen Murray here, and this is the first blog you'll be seeing from me on the Swords Orthodontics website. You might have seen my previous orthodontics blogging on the Friendly Orthodontist site, but if not you can expect to read articles about smiling, braces, teeth, practice updates, things that I have learned at conferences, and some specific topics like:

  • What do Twin Block braces do?
  • What should I do if my orthodontic braces hurt?
  • Why are HSE waiting lists so long?
  • Why is dentistry cheaper in other countries?
  • What is orthodontics?
  • How do braces move teeth?
  • Why are there ...

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