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SALUTE 2013 - Irish Military Enthusiasts Show in Swords

Not much to do with teeth with this blog post, but I thought I'd share a couple of photos from a big event that was on in Swords a couple of weeks ago - "Salute", the Irish Association of Military Enthusiasts' big display of military vehicles and equipment that has been collected and restored by people from all over the country. At Swords Orthodontics, MBT stands for McLaughlin Bennett Trevisi (which is a bracket system that orthodontists use to straighten teeth), but at the National Show Centre in Swords a fortnight ago it meant Main Battle Tank.

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Just when you thought your braces were coming off…Spaces! Gaps!

Why are there still gaps between my teeth?
I have been wearing braces for ages, I thought I was getting them off soon?

Well, this was sort of the question I was asked by one of my orthodontic patients from Balbriggan two weeks ago, and it's a great opportunity for a short article to explain a common reason that you might still have space between teeth towards the end of orthodontic treatment and the basic options for solving it.

I have another article on this topic with a list of reasons, but this one is about a specific problem that generally manifests itself towards the end of treatment - a problem with the ...

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8 Reasons Why Orthodontic Twin Blocks Might Not Work

When Twin Blocks Don’t Work

Twin Blocks are probably the most widely used functional orthodontic appliance in the world, if not the most popular (which they probably are). A functional appliance is one that modifies the way that the mouth works (functions), and uses the muscles around the mouth to achieve a particular orthodontic effect.

Orthodontists like twin blocks because they can correct big overjets (where the top teeth stick out beyond the lower ones more than normal) and they do it fast! They also can be used to widen out the top jaw at the same time, and they can hold the space for erupting teeth.

Twin blocks wouldn’t have got to ...

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Mouth Cancer – Dr Stephen Murray explains the problems

Mouth Cancer: How serious is the problem?

AS we approach Ireland’s National Mouth Cancer Awareness Day, we’re blogging with a series of articles about mouth cancer. In this one, I’m going to outline what the disease involves and some of the problems that can arise from mouth cancer.

What is mouth cancer?

Cancer is a general term for diseases where some of the body’s tissue loses the regulation of its growth and it grows uncontrollably. It can invade the local area and damage tissues nearby or be spread through blood vessels to other parts of the body. If it involves some area of the body that is vital to life, then it becomes ...

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Swords Orthodontics delivers a vital piece of retainer advice!


Some pretty fundamental advice about retainers - wear them!

Here at Swords Orthodontics this week, I had several patients in who hadn't worn retainers after treatment and they were very disappointed about the changes in their teeth since treatment. Some seemed surprised, and even more surprised when I told them they'd need to have orthodontic treatment again to get the teeth back to the way they were when their treatment finished and their original retainers were made for them.

With modern orthodontic techniques, including Invisalign, it's possible to sort out these changes quickly and often invisibly, but really it's easier not to have to sort them out ...

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Don't eat hard foods with Fixed Braces!


Every patient at Swords Orthodontics gets advice on how to look after the different kinds of braces that they have to help their teeth. But we have a video here with one of the fundamental rules of fixed braces!

Orthodontic braces are fixed to the teeth with special dental glue. It's been around since the 1970s and has developed since then to be very reliable, but having said that, those orthodontic brackets aren't held on by magic, so here's my advice:

If you have fixed braces, don't eat hard foods! And don't eat anything that isn't food - pens, buttons, zips, lego...if it isn't food, then don't ...

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