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Day Two of Movember

Well here's the evidence of Movember 2nd,  and another motivational Mo from my childhood.Dr Stephen Murray from Swords Orthodontics and Movember day two

The follices are clearly starting to accelerate.

Another motivational moustache for Stephen Murray at Swords Orthodontics!

Today: Bruce Forsyth, lucky jack

It could  still be a big night, if ...

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Movember Day One

Day One of Movember

I am going to keep a daily record of the progress, mogress if you will, of my Movember challenge. A bit like orthodontics, you don't see the results instantly, you have to work at it methodically over a prolonged time and put a bit of effort in to get the best results.

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November is MOvember at Swords Ortho!

Yes folks, Swords Orthodontics is participating in Movember, the month-long initiative to improve the general awareness of men's health issues like prostate cancer and heart disease (I know that's not exclusive to men, but it's a problem that might be under-estimated generally).


The plan is that we stop shaving (selectively if desired) and start some facial hair architecture over the month of November - resulting in moustaches and beards normally unseen. Expect more updates later, and some activity on the Facebook page, and a presence on the charity's website Mo-space.

MOre anon,

Stephen Murray

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Boiling water is for tea, not retainers! Swords Orthodontics' 7 Steps to great retainer care

After last week where Swords Orthodontics had the unholy trinity of orthodontic retainer complaints (lost/broken/eaten by dog), this week we had a patient in who told me their retainers didn't fit after their mum tried to freshen up the retainers by soaking them in boiling water. Fortunately they realised as soon as there was a problem and got back in touch with us so we were able to make new retainers immediately, so they didn't have to go too long without the benefit of an orthodontic retainer, and that meant that they could reliably keep their orthodontic result.

So just to summarise:

  1. Only use cold water to clean your orthodontic retainer.
  2. Use a ...

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Swords Orthodontics supports Fingallians GAA, Dublin's legendary GAA team.

Fingallians GAA unveils the new Under 10s Girls Team Shirt - sponsored by  Swords Orthodontics

2013 was a great year for GAA - not just one exciting All-Ireland final, but three! But to get to the final of anything, a lot of hard work has to be done beforehand, and the earlier it starts the better the chances of success. That's a bit like orthodontics....

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