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Swords Orthodontics Christmas Party

Well, yesterday was the last day of scheduled appointments for 2013 at Swords Orthodontics - we removed braces and completed treatment for as many patients that day as we'd normally do in one week! So finally, as we tidied up the practice we hardly had time to look back on a busy month at the end of a busy year and set off for our Christmas party.

Here's some hidden camera footage from the Swords Orthodontics Christmas Party - hope that puts a smile on your face!

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Happy Christmas from Swords Orthodontics!

Happy Christmas from Swords Orthodontics!

Swords Ortho loves Christmas - it's actually a very busy time for us because everyone that's almost finished their treatment wants their braces off BEFORE Christmas. So in December we finish as many patients in a week as we do in a month during the rest of the year - you can imagine how tired our robots get and how delighted they are when they get a break:

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My jaw and chin stick out when I wear my Twin Blocks!

I have got a few questions in to my other blog about Twin Blocks, so I'll answer them here. The most common ones are about speaking with twin blocks and twin blocks making the lower jaw seem prominent. This article is about the lower jaw and chin.

Typical questions are along the lines of:

Help, I'm 13 and just got my twin blocks this week and it makes my chin look massive!
Will my face look like this forever?

I can't give specific orthodontic advice to people that aren't my own patients, so the general advice I give is to talk to your orthodontist about your own situation - but here's ...

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Mo about to go!

No more Mo?

Say it ain't so Joe! Yep, sadly so, the Mo's gotta go before we Yo Ho Ho!

December is incontrovertibly here, Movember is complete, and the Mo has outstayed its welcome. Which was limited at the best of times in some quarters. One of my orthodontic patients this morning said to me "next thing you know, you'll be buying a Harley".

So before I shave it off completely, here's my Zappa-esque incarnation from this morning! There's still time to donate to my Movember campaign - go to


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There and back again

Back from the BSSO in Haarlem, and I'll have a full report later. But for now, here's the last full Mo photo, I'll be dismantling it, De-Mo-bilising it if you will, over the next few days.

Movember's End for Dr Stephen Murray of Swords Orthodontics

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Haapy St Aandrew's Daay from Haarlem

Happy St Andrew's Day - the last day of Movember

Well, it has finally come to an end. Well, almost. I am in Haarlem, a quiet town near Amsterdam in The Netherlands for the Biennial Symposium on Surgical Orthodontics, and really haven't time for moustache removal (these things can't be conducted lightly). So it's staying for another 48 hours, which means that although it's the last day of Movember, it's the penultimate blog post on the topic.

The conference was excellent, with a small group of orthodontists and facial surgeons from all over the world (Ireland, UK, Israel, Greece and Thailand at my table alone) working to plan the treatments for various ...

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Haarlem Globetrotter

Movember is nearly over, my Mo has one more day to go!


Well, I might extend it a little as I am away at the biennial Netherlands meeting on surgical orthodontics - the BSSO. This is an area of orthodontics that connects with oral and facial surgery to treat some of the more extreme problems with teeth and jaws, usually in situations where the teeth don't actually meet correctly because there is a problem with the skeleton of the face, and moving the teeth alone with orthodontics wouldn't be enough to get a great result. This is mainly just done for adults, who have practically stopped all their facial growth.

With the ...

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