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5 Characteristics of a Successful Dental Practice

5 Characteristics of a Successful Dental Practice

The Irish Dental Association runs an annual conference focusing on dental practice management, and the 2014 event was based on the theme of improving attendence of patients at dental practices - a particular concern for dentists in the new economy.

One of the 2014 keynote speakers was Gary Brown - the executive chairman of Target McConnells, one of the highest profile marketing agencies in the country, with a portfolio of top clients - this is clearly a guy who knows about delivering the biggest results. Gary is renowned for a straight talking, tough approach to engaging with new business and clearly shook out ...

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And the Oscar goes to....

Well, not exactly the oscars of dentistry, more like the IFTAs, but yes indeed, once again... The Irish Dentistry Awards are upon us!

The Irish Dentistry Awards have been running for a few years now, and Swords Orthodontics enjoyed our trip there last year so much (we were finalists in Ireland's Best Specialist Practice category), we're back again this year.

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Bullying and Dental Appearance

Bullying and Dental Appearance - getting grief about your teeth

If there's one thing I hate to see or hear about in the course of my work as an orthodontist, it's bullying. Just last month there was an article in the American Journal of Orthodontics about bullying and teeth. Thankfully it's not too often I came across it among my patients in Swords Orthodontics, but it does happen. Although the research happened in another country, it happens in Ireland too, and from Skerries to Santry, or Balbriggan to Boroimhe, and anywhere in between, kids can be given grief by other kids about all manner of things, and that includes ...

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Happy New Year from Swords Orthodontics

It's 2014! Happy New Year from Swords Orthodontics!


Best wishes to all our patient and their friends and families.

From Dundalk and Drogheda down the coast to Skerries and Balbriggan to Malahide and Portmarnock and beyond, I hope you all have plenty to smile about in 2014!

Hard to imagine that 2013 is over, it hardly seems a year since we were going back to work at Swords Orthodontics after last year's Christmas holiday. In the last month of 2013, everyone wanted their braces finished before Christmas if we could do it, so we were squeezing every available minute with ...

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