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Movember 24th

Movember's 3/4 of the way through!

Should I keep the moustache running after Movember comes to an end? Maybe not, but there's only a week to go - less, just 6 days.

Movember continues with Penhaligon's moustache wax for Dr Stephen Murray at Swords Orthodontics

Penhaligon's Moustache Wax ...

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Movember Day 23

Movember Day 23

Well, we have a short entry today- I have been at an excellent orthodontics conference arranged by 3M orthodontics company, and after that we've all been busy watching Dr Who's 50th anniversary so I figure we'd have a coulple of Dr Who related mo-tastic icons of facial hair.

Movember continues for Dr Stephen Murray from Swords Orthodontics

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Movember 19

Nnah nah nah nnn nah Nineteen!

Yep it's the 19th of Movember, and we got a new Mo-bro in our gallery.

I had been promising some moustaches to keep my female readers happy, so here's another one. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, the madder the Mo the better.

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Movember 17

Movember Day 17

Well I don't have  a Movember photo of my own progress, but  as promised, another Mo-bro that women go mad for - I never understood it, but given that even Winona Ryder was impressed with him at one stage, I really should look into it. Anyway, here's Johnny Depp. A friend of mine from my worked as a body double for Marlon Brando and he met Johnny Depp while he filmed a movie in Cork and by all reports, he's a decent character.

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A revolution is brewing in the middle of Movember


So yesterday marked the mid-point in my Movember challenge and we have a new update photo and an absolute legend of facial hair in our inspiration Mo-bro gallery. Meanwhile in the real world of orthodontics, a patient on Friday finished their treatment with me and I took their braces off their teeth and they were delighted with the result and said to me that they couldn't believe how quickly it all went for them, it seemed like only yesterday that the braces went on to the teeth - even though they had a normal treatment length.

This morning I was at an Invisalign meeting, with our Smile Revolution group of specialist ...

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Movember XIII

Movember 13

Some Mo -progress from today, and a surprise late entry from another part of the Swords Orthodontics team - one of our storage heaters has joined in and practically overnight acquired a magnificent moustache the envy of any Belgian detective!

Dr Stephen Murray of Swords Orthodontics supports Movember, day 13

But shock and horror, the storage heater has ...

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Movember Day Twelve

A dozen days into Movember

Sorry I didn't have a Mo-post yesterday, but to make up for it, we have a new photo of my evolving Mo and two icons of facial hair from the 70s, probably the greatest decade for that commodity that the western world has known in a century!

Dr Stephen Murray from Swords Orthodontics Movember Day 12

And ...

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