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There and back again

Back from the BSSO in Haarlem, and I'll have a full report later. But for now, here's the last full Mo photo, I'll be dismantling it, De-Mo-bilising it if you will, over the next few days.

Movember's End for Dr Stephen Murray of Swords Orthodontics

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Haapy St Aandrew's Daay from Haarlem

Happy St Andrew's Day - the last day of Movember

Well, it has finally come to an end. Well, almost. I am in Haarlem, a quiet town near Amsterdam in The Netherlands for the Biennial Symposium on Surgical Orthodontics, and really haven't time for moustache removal (these things can't be conducted lightly). So it's staying for another 48 hours, which means that although it's the last day of Movember, it's the penultimate blog post on the topic.

The conference was excellent, with a small group of orthodontists and facial surgeons from all over the world (Ireland, UK, Israel, Greece and Thailand at my table alone) working to plan the treatments for various ...

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Haarlem Globetrotter

Movember is nearly over, my Mo has one more day to go!


Well, I might extend it a little as I am away at the biennial Netherlands meeting on surgical orthodontics - the BSSO. This is an area of orthodontics that connects with oral and facial surgery to treat some of the more extreme problems with teeth and jaws, usually in situations where the teeth don't actually meet correctly because there is a problem with the skeleton of the face, and moving the teeth alone with orthodontics wouldn't be enough to get a great result. This is mainly just done for adults, who have practically stopped all their facial growth.

With the ...

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The fourth Thursday in Movember

Happy Thanksgiving everyone out there, but especially my readers in the USA.


Got a Movember update from earlier in the week, and some patriotic facial hair from the US of A for you in our series of inspiring Mo Bros.Movember 25th for Dr Stephen Murray of Swords Orthodontics 

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Movember 27th

Ah, can there only be another 3 days of moustache madness to run?

I might have to extend it by another day just to get more entertainment from this mo'. Well, we have a new Mo-Bro for you today, an absolute legend from my childhood. A major inspiration to me as a small child, and it was fortunate for all concerning I couldn't get my hands on the tools and materials that he used to make his contraptions....

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HSE Waiting Lists 2013 for Orthodontics in Ireland

Orthodontics Waiting Lists in the HSE

I sometimes write about Orthodontics waiting lists in Ireland. Just to recap, the Health Service Executive (HSE) offers treatment without charge to patients who meet both these conditions:

  1. They have been assessed by a dentist in the community dental service and referred to a HSE specialist orthodontist before their 16th birthday
  2. They have been assessed by the HSE orthodontist and found to have a significantly bad orthodontic problem that is considered to be a problem to their dental health (this is based on a system called IOTN- the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Needs, grade 4 or 5  on a 1-5 scale would be the grades that are ...

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