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From Swords to New Orleans to learn new Invisalign techniques

So once the American Association of Orthodontists' conference (AAO 2014) got underway in New Orleans, we were presented with a great opportunity - to meet the area's top Invisalign operator, Dr Gotsegen. The Swords Ortho team and another Irish orthodontist (who's also a member of the Smile Revolution specialist group) met up with the local Invisalign team who were also at the AAO at their own exhibition stand and we headed out to Dr Gotsegen's practice.

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Apart from Orthodontics Conferences, what can you do in New Orleans?

New Orleans is the main city in the state of Louisiana, and surrounded by water – Lake Ponchtrain to one side and the Mississippi river to the other, and much of it is barely above sea level (hence the flooding when Hurricane Katrina struck). Once you get out of the city centre, there’s this expanse of very low lying land and marsh mixed with stretches of very shallow water, and trees and bushes and vegetation as far as the eye can see blurring the distinction between land and water. And for the tourists like myself, there’s lots and lots of alligators.

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Welcome to New Orleans, location of AAO 2014, the American Orthodontists' Conference

When you fly into New Orleans, you arrive at Louis Armstrong International Airport. Strangely enough, there’s a Louis Armstrong Stadium in the Queen’s district of New York because that’s where he actually lived for much of his life, but the association of New Orleans, Louis Armstrong and Jazz is clearly too good to pass up, so Louis Armstrong Airport it is.

It’s a bit like the airport in Liverpool getting named after John Lennon, even though he lived in New York for about half his adult life. On the other hand, the airport actually in New York is named after John F Kennedy, who was from a different place altogether.

Along with ...

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Up and away for AAO 2014 - New Orleans, here we come

View From Above – North Atlantic and New York

So it’s time for the biggest orthodontics conference on earth – the American Association of Orthodontists annual meeting, AAO 2014. This year it’s in New Orleans and since I can’t get a direct flight there, I am headed via New York and there was a great view out of the window of the plane of icebergs, Nova Scotia, and the Manhattan Skyline. Sadly it was a bit of a cloudy day, but the outline of some of the world's most famous buildings was clear to everyone.


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View from Above – Dublin

Orthodontists seem to enjoy getting to the top of high buildings. After my Invisalign conference in London where we ended up at the top of a tower looking down at the Houses of Parliament and the Tate Gallery, I was surprised to find that a couple of weeks later a different group of Irish Orthodontists were up at the top of our conference hotel at Grand Canal Docks. 

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