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Movember 27th

Ah, can there only be another 3 days of moustache madness to run?

I might have to extend it by another day just to get more entertainment from this mo'. Well, we have a new Mo-Bro for you today, an absolute legend from my childhood. A major inspiration to me as a small child, and it was fortunate for all concerning I couldn't get my hands on the tools and materials that he used to make his contraptions....

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HSE Waiting Lists 2013 for Orthodontics in Ireland

Orthodontics Waiting Lists in the HSE

I sometimes write about Orthodontics waiting lists in Ireland. Just to recap, the Health Service Executive (HSE) offers treatment without charge to patients who meet both these conditions:

  1. They have been assessed by a dentist in the community dental service and referred to a HSE specialist orthodontist before their 16th birthday
  2. They have been assessed by the HSE orthodontist and found to have a significantly bad orthodontic problem that is considered to be a problem to their dental health (this is based on a system called IOTN- the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Needs, grade 4 or 5  on a 1-5 scale would be the grades that are ...

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Movember 24th

Movember's 3/4 of the way through!

Should I keep the moustache running after Movember comes to an end? Maybe not, but there's only a week to go - less, just 6 days.

Movember continues with Penhaligon's moustache wax for Dr Stephen Murray at Swords Orthodontics

Penhaligon's Moustache Wax ...

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Movember Day 23

Movember Day 23

Well, we have a short entry today- I have been at an excellent orthodontics conference arranged by 3M orthodontics company, and after that we've all been busy watching Dr Who's 50th anniversary so I figure we'd have a coulple of Dr Who related mo-tastic icons of facial hair.

Movember continues for Dr Stephen Murray from Swords Orthodontics

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Movember 19

Nnah nah nah nnn nah Nineteen!

Yep it's the 19th of Movember, and we got a new Mo-bro in our gallery.

I had been promising some moustaches to keep my female readers happy, so here's another one. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, the madder the Mo the better.

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Movember 17

Movember Day 17

Well I don't have  a Movember photo of my own progress, but  as promised, another Mo-bro that women go mad for - I never understood it, but given that even Winona Ryder was impressed with him at one stage, I really should look into it. Anyway, here's Johnny Depp. A friend of mine from my worked as a body double for Marlon Brando and he met Johnny Depp while he filmed a movie in Cork and by all reports, he's a decent character.

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