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Five Minutes to Save a Life

As we approach Ireland’s National Mouth Cancer Awareness Day on Wednesday, September 17th, I’m going to outline what the disease involves and some of the problems that can arise from mouth cancer. You can find more information on this in my previous blogs, but this is a summary of the important stuff.

Swords Orthodontics is in the middle of a busy street where there are about a dozen people trained and equipped to detect and intercept one of Ireland’s most dreadful diseases, and even though this disease is on the increase few people are aware of it - and how easy it is to get checked out for it when they’re least likely ...

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Faye's Invisalign Diary Part 1: Treatment Planning

A patient who is about to begin orthodontic treatment with us here at Swords Orthodontics using Invisalign, and she's agreed to share updates and progress reports with our web audience.

Faye is a model, and although she enjoys a successful career which involves being beautiful for a living she's not happy with her smile and feels that it actually undermines her confidence and might even limit her professionally. On the other hand, given her work, it would be even more of a problem to wear conventional fixed braces, so she came to us with a desire for Invisalign treatment, and after carrying ...

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When you care about your patients...

This weekend, I am at an orthodontics conference in The Netherlands, where the main speaker is Gerry Samson, a very popular educator from the USA giving his first ever conference in The Netherlands and a relatively rare appearance in Europe. Samson is organiser of the Gnathos group (gnathos means "jaw" in Greek), and much respected due to his enthusiasm for teaching, his ability to explain orthodontic concepts that usually dry up the mind, and finding out the best way to treat patients. 

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Team Building, Swords Orthodontics Style Part 2

Swords Orthodontics arranged a team building event in June 2014, which was attended by dentists and teams from 4 local practices. Here's a video of the some of the day's highlights.

Normally we work on helping patients smile, but it was a bit of a change to make dentists, dental hygienists and dental nurses smile. It was definitely a new thing to hear them shriek! But everyone kept going and had a great time. We'll be back to normal dental activities on Monday morning.

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Team Building, Swords Orthodontics Style

Taking aim at the Swords Orthodontics Team Building Day, June 2014

Swords Orthodontics organised a team building day for dentists and staff from 4 local practices on 7th June 2014. We had ten participants and the location was the Xtreme.ie centre near Balbriggan. The day consisted of various activities, mainly involving being ...

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Apart from Orthodontics Conferences, what can you do in New Orleans? Part 2

As well as being home to the American Association of Orthodontists' 2014 meeting, New Orleans had plenty going on in May. So, while Swords Orthodontics headed into learn about new braces and orthodontic treatment, the big event that everyone else was there for was the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Although New Orleans is famously associated with Jazz (your plane lands at the Louis Armstrong Airport for a start), the Jazz Festival has a fairly broad musical scope, and would be headlined by people like Bruce Springsteen and Christina Aguilera sometimes.

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Tooth decay is on the increase

Just a brief blog today - I read in Irish Independent this week that there is an increase in the rate of tooth decay in children since the cutbacks to the HSE and dentistry began a few years ago. Previously, there were routine dental examinations in second, fourth and sixth class, and now it's often only in sixth class. 

This can mean things are too late for preventive dentistry and the patient with tooth decay is more likely to have restorative treatment instead, or even emergency treatment for relief of pain. And if that's the first time you meet your dentist, it's unlikely to lead to a positive association with dentists ...

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