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Swords Orthodontics Top 10 of 2014: Eight

Michelle starts Orthodontic Therapist Training

Michelle from Swords Ortho is one of the first ever orthodontic therapists to train in Ireland

In the middle of the year, Swords Orthodontics was delighted and honoured to be part of Ireland’s first ever training programme for orthodontic therapists. This is intended to prepare team members to actually carry out treatment on patients with the supervision of an orthodontist.

Swords Orthodontics is one of the first practices in Ireland to train an orthodontic therapist

To make the selection, there were tough interviews for both Michelle and Dr Murray, and a mystery practical test for Michelle.

In addition ...

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Swords Orthodontics Top 10 of 2014: Nine

Swords Orthodontics at Fingallians One Day Tournament

Dr Stephen Murray from Swords Orthodontics and the Fingallians Team

Dr Stephen Murray handed out some prizes as our local GAA club hosts a one day tournament. Swords Orthodontics sponsors the Fingallians Under 10s team who were taking part in this particular event.

Show us your gumshields! Dr Murray and the Fingallians Team show why the GAA have made a great contribution to dental health with their mouthguard rule.

It gave Stephen a great insight into the amazing dedication and efforts of all the volunteers in the organisation, giving up their time on ...

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Swords Orthodontics Top 10 of 2014

Swords Orthodontics at Run A Muck Challenge


Well the new year is well under way, but in the grand tradition of all those TV shows you get around Christmas and January, I felt we could hardly begin the year’s blogging without winding up the year that has passed.

Fortunately we don’t have a video montage of team members that have died during the year, but there have been many remarkable events in the Swords Ortho calendar. It would be a shame if we just ploughed on with day to day work and we didn’t reflect on them, if we didn’t think about how they ...

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Do you want to enjoy your work?

Do you want to enjoy your work?

We have a vacancy!

We’re looking for a dental nurse to join an established and expanding team that provides high quality specialist care. We strive to make a difference to the way our patients feel about themselves, we are looking for a committed candidate to add to our dedicated team.

Our practice team is professional, trustworthy, totally dependable, friendly, highly motivated and full of initiative.  These are qualities you’ll recognise immediately in us and yourself. We enjoy our work and so should you.

Position will include:
•    Chairside assisting and record keeping
•    Maintaining a safe clinical environment and cross-infection control
•   ...

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HSE Orthodontics Waiting Lists in Ireland 2014

HSE orthodontic waiting lists have grown 19% longer.

Regular readers of my blog will know I occasionally give updates on HSE Orthodontics waiting lists. These figures are in the public domain, but not easily found unless you look for them, so that’s why I share them from time to time with a wider audience. I have recently found out new figures which I’ll present in today’s blog. These figures are the most up to date I can find and relate to the second quarter of 2014.

HSE Orthodontics Waiting Lists appear to have risen by 19%
HSE Orthodontics waiting list appear to have ...

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Swords Orthodontics at Invisalign expert talk in Dublin

A brief blog post here...  

Swords Orthodontics got their Invisalign promotional month off to a great start with Dr Stephen Murray attending a special day of lectures and demonstrations from Dr Donna Galante, a very popular and widely respected Invisalign expert from California. There was a group of specialist orthodontists from all over the country at this and it was well received by everyone interested in providing better clear braces treatment for their patients using the Invisalign system. Dr Galante was planning to also take a few days of sight seeing in Ireland before returning to her practice in Rocklin, near Sacramento.

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Deborah's Invisalign Story - Part 1


Fashion and beauty blogger Deborah from Love By Debs is starting her Invisalign treatment at Swords Orthodontics and is going to keep us updated with her progress and her experience of the Invisalign appliances.

Although she's renowned for being glamorous, there's a few small details about her teeth that do annoy her, and she'd like to improve on them. She's worn regular braces before and now would prefer a clear braces option.

In this video, Debs explains what she didn't like about her teeth, how much it bothered her and why she preferred Invisalign over other options for fixing the problems with her ...

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