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Sensitive Dentist Awards

Swords Orthodontics wins tweet of the night at Sensodyne Senstive Dentist Awards

Well Swords Orthodontics started the year at an awards ceremony, and we ended the year at another. This time it was the IDA-Sensodyne Sensitve Dentist awards. This is voted for by patients of a particular dentist, and there are two awards - one for Ireland's most sensitive dentist and one for the most sensitive dental team.

Swords Orthodontics with their prize champage at the Senstive Dentistry Awards.Right to Left: Bogdan, Donnchadh, Martina, Michelle, Brenda, Courtney, Gemma

Swords Orthodontics was a finalist for the most sensitive team, and Stephen Murray was a finalist for the most sensitive dentist. Although we didn't win, the ultimate ...

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Report on World Federation of Orthodontists’ Breakfast May 1st 2016

There is an annual WFO breakfast held at the AAO, and this year Ireland was represented by me, Stephen Murray, currently the secretary of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland. This is a useful insight into what’s going on with the WFO, and - if you are of that disposition - a vital networking opportunity with the presidents and representatives of most of the world’s orthodontic societies. I was sharing a table with Stephen Rudge from the British Orthodontic Society (he’s their treasurer at the moment) and Jesus Villa from Chile.

Dr Stephen Rudge from British Orthodontic Society
Dr Stephen Rudge
from the British Orthodontics ...

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What is a Frenectomy? Does my child need one?

Maxillary Labial Frenum


What is a Frenectomy? Does my child need one?

A frenum is the attachment between the gum (fixed soft tissue) and some moving soft tissue part of the mouth - typically the tongue (that’s a lingual frenum) or the lip (that’s a labial frenum) or the cheek (a buccal frenum).

Sometimes this is contributing to a problem with the gums or the alignment of the teeth - particularly when the frenum is attached to the gum right at the level where the teeth emerge. You might see the gum receding from the teeth or it may be painful when the lip or tongue moves. Sometimes it may be involved in ...

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Top 10 Dental Issues in 2016 General Election

Dr Stephen Murray from Swords Orthodontics summarises dental issues before the 2016 General Election

You might have a mouth, but do you have a voice?

Unless you are burrowed deep at home with some really good DVD box sets, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that later this week we have a general election, with the opportunity to vote for new public representatives or return the existing ones, and so influence the make-up of the next government.

Swords Orthodontics is located on the first floor of the main street of a busy town in North Dublin, and so I can look out at the posters for various candidates (not all are smiling) that are attached to nearby lampposts. I am sure it's the same ...

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Time Passing, Learning Still

My dad got our first colour TV in 1972 because the olympics were on that summer. I am old enough to vaguely remember it, but the people I work with aren't even old enough to remember Live Aid.
U2: Approximately 160 years combined experience of being rock musicians
U2: 160 years combined experience as rock musicians, three quarters of that ...

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Invisalign Autumn Offer - €500 off Full Invisalign Treatment to the end of November

Swords Orthodontics are offering €500 off the fee for Full Invisalign Treatment in November 2016

There is a clear difference between Invisalign and metal braces at Swords Orthodontics

Just a quick blog post - Swords Orthodontics are part of the Invisible Ortho Specialists of Ireland and we're delighted with our new website, so we're continuing our Autumn Offer to the end of November 2016 - which means that new patients can receive Full Invisalign Treatment at €500 off the usual price. The offer is limited and we're booking up, so get in touch with us today!

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