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Irish Dentistry Awards Finalist 2020

Irish Dentistry Awards Winners 2015

Irish Dentistry Awards Finalist 2020


The practice has been shortlisted for four awards at the Irish Dentistry Awards on Saturday 29th of February 2020. To be selected as a finalists is an excellent achievement.

We are finalists in the following categories:

  • Best Team
  • Best Patient Care
  • Practice of the Year
  • Referral Practice

The awards is held in the Manson House where it kicks off with a drink reception and followed by a three course meal. The award ceremony usually starts after the meal.

This will be our 4th time to attend the Irish Dentistry Awards. The atmosphere is always electric.

In 2015 we won Practice of the ...

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Our Year in review

2019 Was a great year all around at Swords Orthodontics.

Here is a few of the highlights that have happened to us last year 2019..

Aesthetic dentistry awards.

In March we travelled to London for the aesthetic dentistry awards ceremony. It was held in the Landmark hotel which is a stunning setting as always. All of the team were very eager this year as we had worked really hard in 2018 and were very hopeful we would win an award so when our names were called three times for three separate awards we were all delighted. We won Best aesthetic practice Ireland, Interdisciplinary team orthodontic surgical and orthodontics child teenager fixed.

The baby boom

We ...

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Top tips for being prepared for Christmas


How early is TOO early to prepare for Christmas? – NEVER!

Usually as soon as Halloween us over with – the Halloween decorations come down and the Christmas decorations go up! Sometimes this even comes around earlier each year. Planning ahead for Christmas is always good for saving money and creating less stress around you. Even though not everyone is in festive spirit for Christmas, being prepared for it always pays off.

Top tips for being prepared for Christmas;


  1. Write a list; write down a list of the people you are getting presents for – if you have an idea of what you want to get a particular person, put it beside ...

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My Broken Rib: Day 8

One week after the event.

I’d still know something was wrong with my rib cage, but it’s much better.

Several sneezes today, but it’s great to be alive.

I can tell you that thing about pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth to stop a sneeze doesn’t work for me.


Might have a little aside here about a famous rib fracture....

I was one of  "Dentists Who Tweet" at one stage – I’ve had to ease off twitter because I enjoy it too much, but while recuperating from the rib, I’d been noodling on it more than usual and was reminded of a recent anniversary of a famous rib fracture. One of the ...

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My Broken Rib: Day 7

I’m still not sleeping on my side, but that’s not a huge problem. Another good night of sleep, and not too much problem getting out of bed.

I have been able to sneeze for the first time! Up to now, the process of sneezing seems to have inflated the lungs to a point where it becomes quite painful and when I expected it to become more painful until the sneeze happens, the urge to sneeze suddenly goes away. Today, my body went ahead and sneezed.

Still hurt amazingly nonetheless

Today was my last dose of Solpadeine at lunchtime. There are another 3 tablets of Vimovo to run – time will tell what it ...

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My Broken Rib: Day 6

I can’t comfortably sleep on my side, but I have no great problems with that – I have had another good night of sleep.

I saw a short video message online today from Biff Byford, the lead singer of Saxon, one of my favourite bands. He’d had to have emergency heart surgery a few weeks ago and he’s just started posting videos about his recovery and the changes to the Saxon tour and his solo album etc. One of the first things he notes about his recovery was the day he could sleep on his side. He said it sounded trivial but it’s actually more significant than it sounds. It was ...

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My Broken Rib: Day 5

Again, I had a good night's sleep. The main discomfort is from changing posture and twisting movements.

I decided to commit to cancelling my holiday.

I found the process was more complicated than I expected, but in fairness, Aer Lingus do try to give you a variety of options before completely cancelling (as my fare was not refundable).

Also, there was job I couldn't postpone further- I had to pick up my laundry and was dreading humping heavy bags in to the car. Bogdan was still in the practice on Friday afternoon and he decently offered to give me a lift down and helped me with the bags, but surprisingly, I found that ...

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