We've Got a Smile for You!

Welcome to Swords Orthodontics. If you're unhappy with the appearance of your smile, or the way your teeth meet or line up, then let’s see if we can help you – we specialise in the area of dentistry that deals with the position and alignment of the teeth.

Children Orthodontics

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Adult Orthodontics

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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is the area of dentistry that deals with the skilled changing of the anatomy of the mouth. It's probably the oldest area of dentistry, becuase from the dawn of time, people have needed to have troublesome teeth removed.

In modern times, oral surgery has become more sophisticated and painless. It now covers a variety of procedures like:

  • Removing teeth, especially wisdom teeth, that would be potentially harmful to the patient if they remain in the mouth
  • Placing implants in the mouth
  • Exposing buried teeth
  • Bone grafting and other bone re-shaping in the mouth
  • Carrying out biopsy sampling, where a small amount of tissue is removed to look at under a microscope to check for disease 

In Swords Orthodontics, our Oral Surgeon is Dr Marie O'Neill, who has a specialist registration with the Dental Council. She has particular expertise in managing pain after surgery and avoiding it happening in the first place through her advanced knowledge of anaesthetics.