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Welcome to Swords Orthodontics. If you're unhappy with the appearance of your smile, or the way your teeth meet or line up, then let’s see if we can help you – we specialise in the area of dentistry that deals with the position and alignment of the teeth.

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Testimonials, Awards and Thanks

Irish Dental Association Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist and Dental Team Finalists 2016

Swords Orthodontics 2016 Finalists at Sensodyne IDA Irish Sensitive Dentist Awards

Irish Dentistry's Practice of the Year Dublin 2015

Swords Orthodontics is Irish Dentistry's Dublin Practice of the Year 2015


Read on to learn what actual Swords Orthodontics patients (and their parents!)

are saying about Dr Murray and the rest of our team! 

"I’ve always hated my teeth. They’re the first thing I notice when I look in the mirror. When I am working as a model, I am always so self conscious about my smile. I always try to smile with my mouth closed or only smile from a certain angle where they look straight. My smile has not only affected my confidence but sometimes held me back in my career. I decided this summer I had had enough of being embarrassed about my teeth and went to Dr Stephen Murray at Swords Orthodontics for help. I was quite nervous because I knew I was going to have to show my teeth and the thoughts of getting train tracks was terrifying, it would mean I couldn’t work for a year minimum! I had nothing to worry about because Stephen then told me all about Invisalign braces. I immediately felt such relief, I was going to get the straight smile I’ve always wanted without the impact that train tracks would have had on my life."

Faye, model.






What our patients say

We’re always working to improve the service we offer our patients, and as part of that, when we complete treatment for a patient, we ask them about their treatment and how it went for them. These are some answers collected around Easter 2013.

1. What was the problem you felt you faced before coming to see us?

  • I didn’t like my smile- I was self-conscious showing my teeth and wanted to fix them.-Ciara G (adult patient)
  • My teeth were crooked and I never wanted to smile in photos etc.  -Laura H
  • Overcrowding- not happy with her smile. -Roisin M (parent)

2. What was your experience of working with us? eg the quality of care, service, quality of product, customer care

  • Very positive a really nice welcoming team. I’m delighted with the results. -Lesley M
  • Everybody is really friendly and efficient. The results are great.-Rebecca O'R
  • Very happy with each visit- no waiting around and the results are amazing. Delighted with my new smile.-Roisin M


3. What do you think are the major benefits you have had/expect to have since completing your treatment with us?

  • More confidence when smiling.-Roisin M
  • So much more confidence. I love showing off my new smile. Talking and interacting with others is now much more enjoyable for me. -Ciara G
  • Will take better care of my teeth going forward. Hope to have healthier teeth as I get older. -Lesley M


4. What advice do you have for people who might consider orthodontic treatment at Swords Orthodontics?

  • Definitely worth it. -Rebecca O'R
  • There isn’t any hassle and your teeth are for life after all. -Sean O'H
  • DO IT! This will be something you will NEVER regret!-Ciara G


5. Do you feel it was a good investment of your time and money?

  • Absolutely -Roisin M
  • Definitely, I've had three children come here -Liam McG (Parent)
  • Absolutely, delighted with the results-Aoife D


6. Is there anything we could have done better for you?

  • No, everything was brilliant -Sophie N
  • No, nothing, everthing was great.-Rebecca O'R
  • No, we were very happy with all aspects of the treatment-Aoife D


2014 Irish Dentistry Awards, Swords Orthodontics was finalist in four categories

Irish Dentistry Awards 2015

Irish Dentistry Awards 2015

Michelle was Highly Commended at the Irish Dentistry Awards for 'Most Invaluble Team Member'! What a great achievement